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Alizonne Therapy

Many people have problems with their weight and body shape. These are very common problems and can result in a lifelong battle. Furthermore, being overweight inevitably leads to poor physical health and sometimes, low self-esteem with unhappiness also result.

Conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol frequently develop and can lead on to more serious illnesses such as heart disease and strokes. Depression and personal or relationship difficulties can also arise from the psychological toll of excessive weight and such problems can sometimes conversely fuel a ‘comforting’ vicious circle of excessive eating.

This means that weight loss starts to progressively become more difficult as we reduce our food intake further and for a longer period of time. Also, during starvation, the body starts to rapidly break down its own muscle tissue as a further survival mechanism to try and obtain sufficient protein which it needs for many essential functions. This may result in a weight loss on the scales, but a weight loss of muscle tissue rather than fat tissue.

When we allow the body to break down its muscle tissue in this way, the body gets into a progressively more unhealthy state, almost as occurs during an illness. The loss of muscle tissue causes us to become weak, to look gaunt and it causes the body’s metabolism to fall even lower. Weight loss often slows down and becomes more and more of an effort to try and achieve. Blood sugar levels fall too low and this results in severe hunger, cravings, particularly for sugary foods, and profound lack of energy. The low blood sugar levels during strict dieting can also result in light-headedness, dizziness, difficulties with work and concentration, feeling shaky or anxious and being unable to function properly.

As a result of all these difficulties, we usually break our diet, either when we lose willpower with the speed of any weight loss if it is frustratingly slow, or when we find the unpleasantness of any attempt to lose weight more effectively too difficult to tolerate.

If we have lost a significant amount of muscle tissue during our attempted weight loss, then as soon as we begin to eat normally again the body will rebuild all the muscle tissue lost at the earliest opportunity and this will manifest as a rapid weight re-gain. Furthermore, if the body’s metabolic rate has become significantly suppressed during the dieting, we will also regain body fat, resulting in further weight re-gain, even if our food intake after the dieting is not excessive.

To many people, this constant struggle and so called ‘yo-yo’ type pattern of dieting and fluctuating weight is all too familiar. We seem never to be able to achieve our ultimate goal of having a slim, well-contoured body and being stable at a healthy weight long-term. We often become resigned to a vicious circle of ‘yo-yo’ dieting and progressive weight re-gain.


Very drastic and expensive surgery is often promoted as a solution to these problems and many people feel that they have no choice but to resort to these treatments.

Liposuction, abdominal wall re-shaping (abdominoplasty), gastric banding, ballooning, stapling and gastric by-pass surgery have all become commonplace and have recently become widely promoted, but such surgical procedures involve serious risks to the patient. They are also very costly, unpleasant, invasive and not always effective with many patients regaining weight after such procedures.

In fact, gastric banding, ballooning and gastric by-pass surgery can cause unpleasant symptoms for the patient, such as bloating, nausea, bowel upset and abdominal cramps or abdominal pain, especially after eating.

Furthermore, they often force a state of inadequate nutrition and semi-starvation on the patient, which as we have discussed already is not at all desirable and which has unwanted consequences resulting in both muscle loss and suppression of the body’s metabolic rate.




In our experience, there have been no very satisfactory solutions offered to people with weight problems. With general dietary advice and by the usual methods of dieting, we can all lose a few pounds. However, such weight loss is often a slow and difficult struggle and the slow speed of any such weight loss can be very de-motivating. Few of us have the will power and stamina to follow such a dietary regime for as long as necessary to achieve a truly healthy weight with worthwhile results and significant health benefits.

As trying to lose weight is generally a difficult struggle, no matter whose ‘diet’ we try and follow, sometimes we try and take things to more of an extreme. We may reduce our food and calorie intake further, but the more we do this, the more that this then forces our body to behave in a similar way to the way it would naturally behave during starvation.

Starvation is a survival mechanism and the body adapts to starvation by reducing the rate of its resting metabolism which is exactly the opposite of what we want to happen when we are trying to lose weight.

A completely new person

There are other important problems associated with weight loss that must be also considered. The cosmetic consequences of weight loss are often entirely overlooked. No one bothers to consider what our appearance and body shape will be like when we have lost a significant amount of weight.

The cosmetic consequences of weight loss are often entirely overlooked

In fact, thick fat stores under the skin are frequently very resistant to being broken down by dieting due to their fibrous and calcified nature and poor blood supply; therefore, even when we have lost weight, the body's shape and contours are usually far from satisfactory and clothes may still not fit properly.

Some fat stores under the skin in various body areas will have been resistant to the dieting and will remain. These will distort our body shape and may convince us that we need to try to lose even more weight, to the detriment of our face and our slimmer body areas, to try and reduce them or else resort to surgery to have them removed.

Previously stretched skin will often become slack, baggy and unsightly when a significant amount of weight has been lost. Once it has been stretched by weight gain, skin is not so elastic that it will automatically spring back into place and unfortunately exercise does not help this as there are no muscles in skin that we can exercise.

If we are successful with significant weight loss, we may physically look and as a result feel psychologically worse than when we were overweight. It is therefore hard to have motivation to maintain our weight loss if we actually think that we looked better before the weight was lost.


The Alizonne Therapy Treatment

The principles of Alizonne Therapy have been developed by our medical doctors with detailed attention to optimising the body’s chemistry for rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat whilst preserving the body’s muscle tissue and preventing suppression of the body’s metabolic rate during the weight loss.

The treatment has been carefully designed to keep insulin production fully suppressed to baseline levels (since any rise in insulin production immediately inhibits the breakdown of body fat) and to stabilise the blood glucose at constant and normal levels at all times throughout the weight loss.

As a result, on the Alizonne Therapy Treatment Programme, you will not feel hungry, weak or lethargic and you will not have food cravings. You will have sufficient energy and will be able to exercise and function as normal. There will be no dizziness, light-headedness or other unpleasant effects from the weight loss.

Your weight loss will be rapid enough to keep you motivated; in fact we aim for a rate of weight loss of between 6 and 12kg (13 to 26 lbs) per month for most patients. The weight loss on the treatment programme is remarkably predictable and your expected rate of weight loss is therefore calculated for you by the doctor at your very first consultation before you start the treatment.

You will know, in advance, what the rate of your weight loss will be at each stage of the treatment programme and how long it should therefore take you to reach your target weight.

As an integral part of your Alizonne Therapy treatment programme, we will give you specialised non-surgical treatments to break down the dietary resistant areas of fat under the skin, to optimise your body’s contours and body shape and to improve the elasticity, firmness and tightness of your skin.

In order, therefore, to offer a highly effective solution to the problems associated with excessive weight and to the problems that arise when we try and lose it, at our clinics, we can offer you a meticulously developed and unique medical treatment programme which not only enables you to reliably, predictably and relatively quickly achieve your ideal weight and to stabilise it at that new level, but which at the same timewithout any surgery, will re-shape and contour your body, smooth the tissue layers under your skin and improve the firmness, elasticity and tightness of your skin.

We have called this medical treatment programme Alizonne Therapy® after the name of our clinics and we have very successfully treated many patients with it in the UK since 2006. The vast majority of all our patients have swiftly and successfully achieved a healthy weight within the normal weight range and with the help of our follow-up care after their treatment programme, they have been able to maintain their weight at this healthy level long-term.

The principles of Alizonne Therapy have been developed by our Medical Doctors

These treatments use ultrasound technology, which is very similar to the ultrasound technology used in hospitals to break up kidney stones except the frequency and energy of the ultrasound used in Alizonne Therapy is specifically for the treatment of subcutaneous fat cells.

In combination with this we also use additional non-surgical technology to treat the skin over your entire body surface area. The effect of this is to stimulate specialised cells in your skin (fibroblast cells) to become activated to rapidly produce new collagen and elastic fibres and this causes improvement in elasticity with contraction, firming and tightening of your skin. Hardened, calcified, bumpy and uneven fatty tissue under the skin is also broken down by this treatment, resulting in the texture of the layers under the skin becoming much smoother. The lymphatic drainage of the connective tissue is also improved and increased so that the fat broken down by the ultrasound therapy is rapidly removed to be metabolised.

These treatments have a major beneficial effect on the cosmetic results of your weight loss and many patients tell us that they lose inches far faster than they anticipated and achieve clothes sizes that they would only expect to have achieved at a much lower weight. Furthermore, clothes that fit you perfectly should be very easy to find at the end of your treatment programme as a result of the optimisation of your body shape.

As a result of your weight loss you should look good and extremely healthy and you should feel great and supremely confident. Clothes shopping should become a pleasure again as most of our patients have told us it has. You should be proud of your final appearance and enjoy showing off your new body shape. You will then be highly motivated to maintain your new weight, appearance and shape long-term.

The impressive effects of the contour shaping weight reduction can be seen without clothes.


To see the striking effects of the body contour shaping therapy used during the Alizonne treatment programme you have only to look at the scores of pre and post treatment photographs of our patients which are displayed on this website. Many of these patients have lost a great amount of weight, yet they look healthy post-treatment with an optimised body shape which is firm and taught and without the usual slackness, sagging or excessive skin that typically results from weight loss.  A few of our patients have been kind enough to allow us to photograph them in swimwear post-treatment so that you can see the impressive effects of the contour shaping weight reduction on their bodies without their clothes.

You will not be eating less, and less often

Food is plentiful on the Alizonne treatment programme. At the start of your treatment, you will be commenced on our precisely designed Alizonne eating plan which contains a large number of natural vegetables, many of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. From these, you will be able to easily prepare many nice and varied dishes and you will be given instructions on exactly how to do this. These are also supplemented with a regular intake of natural, purified proteins and amino acids to ensure that every patient’s daily protein intake remains optimal throughout their weight loss.

You will not be eating less, and less often, in fact you will be eating more often than before, just differently. You will not be hungry at all and rather than suffering from hunger, many of our patients tell us that their main difficulty is fitting all of their food into a day. After the initial first stage of the eating plan, a complete range of natural and healthy food groups are reintroduced in a carefully calculated and stepwise manner. This not only stabilises your weight at its new and healthy level, but progressively teaches you the best and the healthiest eating habits for the rest of your life.

Arguably, the most important part of the Alizonne Therapy treatment programme is this stabilisation and maintenance treatment. We will have achieved nothing if you regain weight in the future. Once your weight has been carefully stabilised at its new and healthy level, with the assistance of accurate measurements of your metabolic rate and monthly follow-up after care, we will guide you through long term maintenance with detailed and accurate nutritional advice which is precisely calculated for your own metabolism.

Once you have decided that you would like to find out more about the Alizonne Therapy treatment programme, initially we recommend that you contact us by email using the contact form on this website or by telephone.

Alizonne Therapy® Produces Remarkable Results.

As you can see from the many pre and post treatment photographs of our patients displayed on this website, this treatment achieves remarkable results.

Remember when looking at these photographs, which are all displayed with our patients’ permission, than none of these patients has undergone surgery of any kind to assist with weight loss or to improve their body shape. The results that you see are entirely the result of the Alizonne Therapy treatment.

With Alizonne Therapy, our patients have found that the weight correction, contour shaping and skin retraction has transformed their bodies in a way that they had not previously thought possible.

We feel that the results of this treatment completely speak for themselves and are far preferable to surgical methods of treatment. In addition the cost is generally lower than many surgical treatments and this treatment is without any of the risks associated with surgery.


Weight loss food
Examples of Alizonne Therapy food during the first stage of treatment.

You are also most welcome to attend for an informal clinic visit at which we will be happy to show you around any of our treatment facilities and explain the Alizonne Therapy treatment programme to you in person. At such a visit, whilst at the clinic, you will also have the opportunity to meet our patients currently on the treatment programme and of course all of your questions can be addressed and answered.

If you decide that you would like to begin Alizonne Therapy treatment, you will be initially be asked to attend for a 60 minute new patient doctor’s consultation with one of our dedicated on-site team of medical doctors. In addition to your medical consultation, several detailed investigations will be performed which include important blood tests, accurate, computerised measurements of your resting metabolic rate and detailed measurements of your body composition.

Following your medical consultation, you will be able to start your treatment as soon as your results are available, usually within 48 hours or at any time after that to suit your requirements.

Alizonne Therapy® Has Great Health Benefits.

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels will almost always fall significantly as a result of treatment and the reduction of both of these is known to reduce the risk of serious illnesses such as heart attacks and strokes.

Diabetes due to excessive weight is prevented and can be improved or, in some patients, even cured.

Strain on and damage to weight bearing joints is prevented and relieved.

Strain of excessive weight on important organs such as the liver, lungs and heart is alleviated.

Exercise becomes much easier, more effective and more enjoyable once ideal weight has been attained.

Alizonne Therapy®.
Our Own Doctors Looking After You and Doctors as Patients.

The Alizonne Therapy treatment programme is medically designed and fully medically supervised with our own dedicated on-site team of medical doctors looking after your health and seeing you regularly throughout your treatment programme.

Furthermore, as an indication of our success and credibility, many medical doctors, dentists and nurses have chosen to come to us to be treated with this therapy, as well as people from all walks of life.

Several of our own staff have also undertaken this treatment and therefore have detailed personal as well as professional experience of it.

Many of our new patients come to us simply via recommendation from our existing and past patients who then advise other members of their family and friends or acquaintances to contact us.

The doctors we have treated, having experienced the results of this treatment programme for themselves, now refer some of their patients to us directly.


If you would like to contact us to find out more about the Alizonne Therapy treatment programme, please get in touch with us by email using this Contact Form.

Contact us

You should always receive a reply within two working days. At very busy periods we may occasionally fail to achieve this and if this happens, please accept our apologies and let us know immediately by contacting us again. We will deal with any second enquiry as an urgent priority.

You can also contact us by telephone:

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Prepare to be transformed


Without Surgery


Contour shaping weight reduction



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